How it works

When you got Tickets.

The process is quick easy and worry free!

On your end, simply take a picture of your ticket and send it in to us. You will receive a confirmation that we received the ticket Once the ticket is dismissed you will receive a notification you are good to go. If the ticket is not dismissed you will receive information about the attorneys effort to dismiss the ticket along with plan b ticket options.

On our end, we take the information from the ticket along with your membership tier and assign it to one of our thousands of licensed attorneys to dispute. The attorney will then appear in court on your behalf and dispute any technicalities or errors during the ticketing process. Over 95% of the time the ticket is dismissed. In the off chance it is not we will then reach out to you with the plan b ticket options.

Its that simple!


  1. Most of the travel discounts are well defined with proper contact.
  2. Some of our members will feel better assured that (Every Member is Our Only Member)!
  3. From time to time members may call and simply want their hand held while they are planning their family vacation etc.

This is as simple as pulling the members profile log up and maybe call the concierge at a hotel they want to stay at and see what events there may be in the surrounding area that would be a great event for Mom, Dad and the two little ones to do while on vacation.


Most of the travel / discount area of the site is self-explanatory. Though the calls may be few its nice to know that we are always there for members… Once again… (Every Member is our Favorite Member)!!!