Our Mission


A letter from the President





LMTLSS, Inc is designed to be a group of motorist enthusiasts that enjoy their vehicles and whatever type of terrain they may appreciate.

We strive to bring these people with these common goals together to have a wider breadth of knowledge and appreciation regarding their past time.

We do not condone the misuse or purposeful unlawful applications when enjoying our pastime.

We at LMTLSS understand that there will always be times when we may be vulnerable to the various statutes and codes that we may feel are a bit unreasonable.

We also understand that as we enjoy our love for the automobile and the length of time it has endured, that there may be times when we must call upon one another for a little hand up from time to time cheska-lekarna.com.

This is where being a member of LMTLSS can mean the difference between standing in the rain while having a citation written and sitting on a sunny park bench with a group of your fellow enthusiast listening to some soft music, enjoying a clean driving record and taking a bite of that ever so scrumptious hot dog just handed to you off the grill.

LMTLSS is designed for the person that drives their performance car once a month to the commercial driver that knows how important it is to keep his or her driving record spotless, to ensure a healthy driving career.

There’s on thing over 230,000,000 people have in common across our country. We are all in possession of a license that offers us the “Privilege” to operate a motor vehicle. This is not a privilege we take lightly.

It is our intent at LMTLSS to protect and preserve this privilege for all our members. It starts with you.

At LMTLSS in no way do we actively condone reckless or irresponsible driving practices. We also understand that one persons driving “10” over might be another person’s .. OH MY GOSH HE WAS DRIVING LIKE A MAD MAN!! We understand that in most cases there is an amiable middle ground.

At LMTLSS we also understand that things may happen. Flat tire, not enough fuel to get where your going, locking the keys in your car.. and so on. Therefore, we have built into your membership a roadside assistance program that may help alleviate such misgivings.

This doesn’t mean we want you to head out on the road with a flat tire and no gas in your tank to get to Granny’s house 125 miles away. The same as we wouldn’t want you heading over to your friend’s house to watch the super bowl as though your Mario Andretti trying to beat the boys in blue.

We realize it is not a perfect world and we all have our own little nuances that from time to time are not to be overlooked (around 259,200) times a day! For those instances, let us be there for you.


John MacDonald